6 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Major Gift Efforts

Here’s an article from RainMaker Blog, a blog targeted to sales professionals.  In this post the author talks about the six key things a sales person could do (or fail to do) that would kill a sale. As I thought more about it, these are all things that Major Gift Officers could fall victim to […]

Tips For Building a Stronger Culture of Philanthropy

Developing a strong, consistent culture of philanthropy is something that few organizations do well.  Unfortunately, it’s critical to your long-term fundraising success.  It’s critical to your ability to retain high level development staff.  It’s critical to securing ongoing support from many foundations, corporations and savvy donors.  What’s that all mean?  That’s simple.  It means you can’t […]

Church Fundraising: Are They Leaving Money On The Table?

I was sitting in church Saturday afternoon and realized that I’d never (that I can remember) received a thank you note or call for any contribution I’d ever made to any church I’ve attended. Then I started thinking about other aspects of church giving and how rare it was that a pastor or church elder […]