Six Types of Wealthy Donors

Here’s another take on major donor personality types and motivations.  There are some similarities and distinct differences between this research and the research data I posted about recently in Understanding Major Donors. (Jan. 12, 2010) A new study identifies six types of high net worth donors and explains what motivates them to give. The findings of […]

Three Reasons Your CEO Must Be Your Chief Fundraiser

How involved is your CEO in your organization’s philanthropic efforts? That’s a question I like to ask every organization that I consult with.  It’s an important one, and typically sets the tone for the organization’s overall fundraising approach.  In many organizations, the CEO is intimately involved in the philanthropic process.  But from time to time, […]

Understanding Major Donors

I just finished reading The Seven Faces of Philanthropy by Russ Alan Prince and Karen Maru File.  This is a great resource for understanding the different personality types of major donors, and what specific motivations encourage giving for each personality type. This book is a must read for any charity CEO, board member or fundraiser.  Anyone […]

7 Common Sense Tips to Maximize Income

Here are 7 common sense tips to help you maximize your fundraising income.  There aren’t any silver bullets.  No shiny new objects.  Nothing groundbreaking.  Just some common sense, best practice ideas that are sometimes forgotten as we all strive to grow our revenue.  I’ve included links to relevant articles and resources on each topic to provide […]