23 Questions for More Effective Fundraising Copy

Do you want your fundraising letters to raise more money?  If so, be sure to ask these 23 questions each time you write a letter:

  1. Do I have a compelling hook?
  2. Have I humanized the problem?
  3. Does my copy inspire action?
  4. Are my sentences and paragraphs short?
  5. Did I use headlines & subheads to break up longer blocks of copy?
  6. Have I used the word “you” enough?
  7. Did I use jargon?
  8. Am I using facts & figures sparingly?
  9. Is my offer compelling, yet solvable?
  10. Have I used enough action words?
  11. Am I telling a good story?
  12. Did I include a strong call to action?
  13. Is my copy conversational?
  14. Have I used the reader’s name sufficiently?
  15. Is my offer clear and concise?
  16. Did I read it aloud to hear how it sounds?
  17. Have I written as a person, to a person?
  18. Did I show the reader how to solve the problem?
  19. Have I eliminated every unnecessary word?
  20. Are my words short?
  21. Have I asked the reader to take a specific action?
  22. Did I stop, walk away and come back later to edit with fresh eyes?
  23. Are my ask amounts reflective of the reader’s past giving behavior?

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One thought on “23 Questions for More Effective Fundraising Copy

  1. Thank you for your tips. They will be handy for a not-for-profit in Brisbane I do some work for.

    Some of them resonate with me as a journalist ie. read out loud and walk away and re-visit. It’s amazing what corrections/improvements can be made from those two points alone.

    Thanks again