Why McDonald’s Doesn’t Sell Big Macs to Vegans

And you shouldn't either!

Have you ever seen a McDonald’s ad campaign focused on convincing vegans to buy a Big Mac? That’s crazy, right? Makes no sense. I mean, maybe there are a handful of vegans who could be convinced — after much effort — to try one. But it would take a whole lot of time, money, and […]

Does your nonprofit need a strategic agency partner?

In the nonprofit sector we often hear board members, CEO’s, and even development officers argue that they shouldn’t invest in fundraising agency partners, and instead should just “go it alone” in order to keep costs down. There’s a belief that fundraising strategy and communications are easy to create, and that anyone can be successful in […]

Do you know when it’s time to step away?

As leaders we’re most successful when we lean in. When we go the extra mile. If we’re honest, that’s what energizes many of us, and it’s how we’ve grown our careers, built our personal brands, and achieved success. We’ve chosen to heavily invest (our time, talent, finances, etc.) in growing our careers and our organizations […]

Fundraising Pro Tip – Your Direct Mail is Useless Without This


In the last month I’ve reviewed direct mail samples for about a dozen organizations. In all but one of those assessments there has been a major, and apparently common strategic problem with these appeals…

Every one of these appeals suffered from a weak or entirely missing ask!

Your fundraising letters are FUNDRAISING letters. If you don’t ask, or if you soft sell your ask, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Gently nudging donors to respond because you don’t want to offend them will have one result. It will not offend donors. BUT, it also WON’T raise you any money.

If you want to raise the most money possible, include a clear, direct call to action in your appeal. In fact, if you want to be really effective, repeat it more than once, and close with a killer P.S. statement that encapsulates your offer and ask entirely in those 1-2 sentences to further reinforce the need.

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