Direct Mail Fundraising Tip of the Week (#10)

Handwriting increases performance.  Ink on paper (especially blue ink) does wonders for improving results.  The added personalization and authentic feel handwriting provides can help increase both response rate and average gift.

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2 thoughts on “Direct Mail Fundraising Tip of the Week (#10)

  1. I specialize in “Real” Hand Addressed Mail Solutions and my company has conducted numerous Case Studies that reveal more than 66% (on average) of digitally addressed direct mail gets thrown away and never opened, while “Real” Hand Addressed Direct Mail has proven to get opened and read nearly 100% of the time.

    If anyone is interested, I would be happy to provide a summary of these Case Studies upon request, and can demonstrate how many of our clients achieved as high as a 290% improved Return-On-Investment, after switching to “Real” Hand Addressed Direct Mail.

    888 808 2161 x910

    • Thanks for your note, Ted. Normally I don’t approve comments that include sales pitches. But this is a product that I believe in and know works very well. Please send me a case study to review. – Andrew