2015 Challenges and Opportunities

2015 could be a pivotal growth year for your nonprofit! With so many challenges, and so many great opportunities, nonprofits need to focus on a number of key areas in order to grow.

Three of the most challenging areas are major gifts, digital fundraising, and integrated marketing.

I want to hear from you.  What are your greatest challenges in these three areas?

Please submit your challenges in response to this post. I’ll select the biggest challenges and post a POV on them over the next few weeks.

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I’ll give away 10 copies in response to the 10 best 2015 fundraising challenges submitted.


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4 thoughts on “2015 Challenges and Opportunities

  1. The “new normal” – low unemployment, stagnant wages and austere government budgets. For social service groups in a competitive space, the challenges to make the case and make budgets are great.

    • Yikes. Eli, I hate to think of these as the new normal. But I think you’re right.

      I’ll dig into these in the next week or so in another post.

      Thanks for your input!

  2. Major gifts – time, staff, doing the most urgent things

    Digital fundraising – having staff innovative and passionate enough to take it on. Time.

    Integrated marketing – clear strategic plan helps put gas in this car.

    • Great points, Travis. These are the kinds of challenges I think most orgs struggle with. Don’t you agree?

      I’ll address your challenges fully in a post next week!