Keys to a strong fundraising offer

A few weeks ago I wrote about what it takes to have a strong fundraising offer.  While on vacation this week in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA, I found a great example of a strong fundraising offer.

This counter-top display was in the Westmont College bookstore.  It isn’t pretty.  There’s no flashy branding.  But the offer is clear, compelling and solvable.  And with an offer that direct, I’m willing to be they get gifts all day long.

In case you aren’t able to enlarge the photo, the offer reads: 20 Dollars Gives A Person In Need Clean Drinking Water For 20 Years.

Maybe you’re thinking, my organization doesn’t build wells in developing nations.  We don’t feed homeless people or save animals.  Our work is critical, but not as sexy.

That’s ok.  Boil your offer down to the specific problem you need your donor to solve, and how they can accomplish that.  Get rid of program descriptions and details of the beauracracy you manage, and instead focus on the connection between your donor, your need, and the solution.  Do that, and your offer will come to life.

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