To Tease or Not To Tease (in your direct mail)? (Tip #51)

Blank outer envelopes tend to outperform envelopes with teaser copy or images.  You don’t have to clutter your appeal envelopes with all sorts of teaser copy.  Sure, test teasers.  But you’ll do just as well – if not better – by simply mailing your appeal in a blank envelope.

Are you targeting multibuyers in your direct mail acquisition? (Tip #50)

Multibuyers is the term used to identify donor prospects that appear on multiple rental lists in the same list buy.  These prospects are like hidden gold in your rental list mix!  Multibuyers are highly responsive to direct mail offers (that’s why they’re on multiple different rental files!), and will likely be one of the highest performing […]

Are you running a siloed direct mail program? (Tip #49)

Managing your fundraising programs in silos is a recipe for failure.  Donors don’t live in silos.  They don’t behave in a predictable manner.  Donors might see your mail, hear you ad on the radio, attend an event and then make a contribution online.  So which channel gets the credit?  More importantly, which channel gets more […]

Write better direct mail copy (Tip #47)

Your direct mail fundraising copy shouldn’t be about you.  As much as you might want to show donors how amazing your organization is, all the great you’ve done in the world, and what your future goals are . . . don’t. Instead, share a compelling and urgent need with your donor.  Then show her how […]