Women Give 2012 Study

I ran across this Women Give 2012 (slightly dated) study comparing giving behaviors of women and men thanks to Gail Perry this evening. The study compared only single adult households (excluded married households) in order to better understand gender-based giving differences. Key findings… 1. Boomer and older women are more likely to give to charity […]

Combating Charity Navigator’s Predictions for Flat Year-End Giving

Charity Navigator just released the results of a year-end giving survey of donors to 101 charities.  The survey found that the majority of donors expect to give at the same levels they did last year. That tracks with what a lot of nonprofits I’m talking with right now are experiencing.  Giving is just about where […]

Equipping Your Nonprofit Board for Success

Board member expectations are always a hot topic in this sector. Ask any nonprofit executive or development staff member and they’re likely to give you a laundry list of things their board could do better.  Consultants frequently have a wish list for nonprofit boards as well. Gail Perry recently published a great set of New Year’s Resolutions […]