5 Culture Problems That Can Kill Your Fundraising

#1: You don't own it

I was in Dallas, TX last week for the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions annual convention. While there, I had the honor to co-host a two-day development and leadership workshop with my good friend, Derric Bakker of Dickerson Bakker & Associates. In this post, and the next four that I write in the coming weeks, […]

Andrew’s top posts of 2016

The best of fundraising & leadership all in one place

As 2016 comes to a close and I look to 2017, I took some time to reflect on this blog. I love helping nonprofit leaders and fundraisers more effectively lead their organizations and raise massive amounts of money to fund their causes. That’s why I host this blog and share my insights on our sector. In […]

Building your leadership cabinet

The advisers every nonprofit leader needs around their table

Every leader needs a leadership cabinet. A small group of advisers who help you be the best you possible. And who help keep you grounded, focused, and honest. In most cases these aren’t paid advisers — they’re people who know you, respect you, and are willing to be honest with you when you need that most. […]

Leadership lessons from 2015

2015 was quite a year. Truth be told, it was the most challenging, most frustrating, and most energizing year of my career (so far). It was a year of significant change and immense personal growth for me as a leader. In this post I’m going to share some of the things I’ve learned this year […]

Increasing nonprofit employee engagement

5 tips for success

Great organizations – for profit and community benefit, alike – have figured out that the key to success boils down to one thing…highly engaged employees. If you want to fuel growth and success in your nonprofit, you too should focus on employee engagement. In order to do that, you need to communicate these six things […]

5 Questions Every Fundraiser Should Ask Each Day

In today’s world we all move so quickly and have so many competing priorities. I find that if I’m not intentional about asking myself a few critical questions each day, I tend to lose focus on the things that are really important. Here’s my list of questions that I think every fundraiser should ask daily. […]