How do your prospects rank on the 3 C’s?

All indications are major gift revenue will rebound throughout 2012 (compared to 2010/2011).  This is great news!

Are you ready to take advantage of this impending increase in major gifts?  Are you prepared with a solid understanding of how your prospects rank on the 3 C’s?

Commitment: Do they have a history of supporting your organization or other organizations that do similar work?  At what level have they shown support in the past?  How does their commitment to your organization compare with their passion and commitment for other causes in the community?

Connection: How close are they to your organization?  Could you, your Executive Director, Board or key volunteers pick up the phone and get a meeting with this person?  Or will you need to devise a strategy to approach and connect with this prospect from a cold start?  HINT: This is the key to why Oprah and Bill Gates probably aren’t your top prospects!

Capacity: Do you have deep understanding not just of your prospect’s total capacity, but of her philanthropic capacity?  Does this prospect have the financial capability (either in cash or assets) to make a significant investment in your cause?

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